CHICK BASSIST celebrates chick bassists: Patricia Morrison

Patricia Morrison was a founding member of LA punk band The Bags (as Pat Bag) before leaving to form Legal Weapon with “Janis Joplin of Punk” Pat Arthur, then moving on to stints with The Gun Club and Fur Bible. In 1986 she played with Andrew Eldrich in The Sisterhood and in ’87 she played on the goth dancefloor breakout, The Sisters of Mercy’s Floodland. Morrison’s gothic pinup-girl looks featured prominently in The Sisters of Mercy’s visual aesthetic, her teased-out hair, black lipstick, and fetish wardrobe drawing many listeners as the music video era reached its apex.

By the ealy 90s, Patricia had left The Sisters of Mercy, and released a solo album, Reflect on This, in 1994. In 1996, she joined legendary punk band The Damned, marrying lead singer Dave Vanian later that year. In 2004, Morrison gave birth to daughter Emily Vanian and she retired from The Damned in 2005.

I’ll readily admit that Patricia’s a big influence on the look of both Erin Locke and Terrri Terrrors in Chick Bassist.

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